Hi, I’m a cosmic horror inhabiting the limp, noodly body of a UI designer!

I like to draw monsters, goofy creatures and animal people, play in a metal band and work on a doom metal and an industrial rock solo project.

This place is my personal hub and sandbox where I post my art, music and other shenanigans. Enjoy!



  • Rust, but for casual gamers
    An elaborate and coherent guide for setting up a private no-decay, no-wipe rust server for you and your fellow introverted casual gamer friends.
  • MidJourney: Exploring AI image generation
    Ever since Dall-E Mini, AI-generated images seem to have become the latest fad on social media. Here’s a small glimpse into MidJourney, my AI of choice when it comes to image generation.
  • A love story about the Fediverse
    In the course of the recent Twitter exodus, I recently re-joined Mastodon. This is a little story of what challenges I faced and how I eventually found my new forever home in the Fediverse.
  • Ascendency – What a Shame (Music Video)
    We’re excited to announce that we just released our new song and music video “What a Shame”! Check it out: Video shot and edited by Patrick Winzler Films.Song mixed and…