NFT plagiarism and Ko-fi support

Due to the recent wave of NFT-related plagiarism, I recently saw myself forced to pre-emptively remove my art from all online galleries and social media.

Currently, several popular art platforms, social media and Google Image Search are swarmed with crawler bots that mass-commit copyright infringement by illegally putting artists’ work up for sale on NFT marketplaces. As long as the criminal activity is not under control, I saw no other way than to heavily watermark any pieces I upload, including those on this website.

Quick note:
I do not offer NFTs. If you see a user by my name and/or my work on an NFT marketplace, I have been impersonated/my art plagiarized and I kindly ask you to notify me so I can take legal action.

For everyone who would like to support me or simply keep viewing my art in its full, non-watermarked glory, I am now offering a small subscription model on my Ko-fi page, providing high-resolution files and more:


1 € per month

Unlocks access to non-watermarked artwork in 72 dpi resolution.

Licensed for your own personal, non-commercial use.


3 € per month

Unlocks Basic tier benefits plus 300 dpi high-resolution downloads of my artwork.

You may have these printed by third-party services for your own personal, non-commercial use.


5 € per month

Unlocks Basic and Advanced tier benefits plus one free colored headshot sketch request per month.

Unredeemed requests can be stacked to request pieces of higher complexity or rendering.

Any support is greatly appreciated!