Free Design Resources

Free Design Resources

Hey graphic design beginners, artists, musicians and fellow cheapskates, in this article I will list my favorite resources for design assets free for personal and commercial use. It will probably grow over time as I add more whenever I stumble upon something new.


Unsplash – A big, carefully-selected collection of beautiful stock photos. Great for mood boards or spicing up your website.

Pixabay – A big image library based in Germany, both for photos and vector graphics. There’s a great variance in quality, but you usually find what you need.

Vector graphics

Public Domain Vectors – A big database full of cliparts and vector graphics. Can’t expect too much from the overall quality, but if you’re savvy in vector programs, you can easily salvage the elements you need.

The Noun Project – You name it, they have an icon for it. Even though the majority falls under a Creative Commons CCBY license, I want to give this one a honorable mention. Unfortunately you can’t filter by license, so you gotta click through your search results until you find one that’s licensed under CC0 – but they’re there, I swear.


Free Stock Textures – A great place to find grunge textures and more, run by two generous photographers from Poland.


Font Squirrel – My go-to website when it comes to fonts, especially display fonts for logos, posters and other fun designs.

Google Fonts – I probably don’t need to tell anyone this, but all Google Fonts are free and released under open source licenses. A great place to find fonts to use in longer texts and corporate design.


Freesound – A big database of sound snippets ranging from mundane to hilariously absurd. The files fall under a variety of Creative Commons licenses including CC0, so pay attention to the little icons next to them.

That’s all for now. I hope these help!