Here’s a little overview of my most important original characters (OCs), which are a recurring theme in my artwork.


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Sciasm was created in 2020 and is my current self-representation. She can be drawn either anthropomorpic (bipedal with human features and clothing) or quadrupedal as seen in the reference sheet above.

In the process of creating this character I deliberately let go of any species restrictions and character design trends in the art community, which leaned towards simplicity and natural colors at that time, so I basically went back to the roots and made her unique and edgy on purpose, like she could have been created by my teenage self.

I wanted a self-representation that was easy to draw and also combined some of my favorite design features from my past characters and thus Sciasm was born, whatever species she may be.


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I created Cibex at age 16 in late 2003. Cibex was my personal mascot and self-representation during the peak phase of art sites like deviantART, making her my most popular original character to this date.

Due to her popularity and great nostalgic value for some members of the art community who grew up on deviantART around the same time as I did, I still sign my art as “Cibex”, even though she has long become a stand-alone character.


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Gith originated from a dream and first appeared in a scribble I drew during class in 2004.

Gith is Cibex’s counterpart from a parallel dimension. He can switch between the planes of existence and usually appears partly hologram-like, never fully manifesting. Only Cibex can see and talk to him.

Gith and Cibex have some sort of love-hate-relationship. They’re soulbound and one can’t exist without the other. What Gith’s world looks like is unknown, but it is assumed that Cibex appears to him equally astral-like.

The Nameless Beast

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The Nameless Beast was created in 2011, the year in which I discovered my interest in the works of H. P. Lovecraft. She’s very personal to me and even though I haven’t drawn her much, I hold her very dear.

The Nameless Beast is a very calm and pensive creature and rarely speaks. She usually appears in a context of protection or guidance, and is usually associated with water or the sea. She has an otherworldly aura to her and possesses the magical ability to control swarms of insects.

The slugtaur

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The Slugtaur was created solely for shits and giggles in 2015.

The majestic animal is the size of a regular horse, gallops very slowly and has poor eyesight. It lives peacefully in a medieval-era rural landscape (think Dungeons & Dragons) and is greatly feared by lettuce farmers.