This is where I come to cry

Hi, I’m a cosmic horror inhabiting the limp, noodly body of a graphic designer, welcome to Jackass!

Name’s Sarina and I draw, create music and occasionally blog.

My greatest skill is to start five billion projects at once and never really finish anything, so I created this humble hub in an attempt to put everything in one place!

I grew up with Commander Keen, Space Jam and Netscape Communicator and stumbled into the art scene in 2001, where I was adopted and raised by furries.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in media informatics and design and work at a social media agency. I also do freelance graphic design and illustration.

I’m proudly and happily married to an incredibly cool man who starts equally as many projects as I do but actually finishes them. Go check out his stuff!

I hope you enjoy my content! If you do and find yourself overcome by the sudden urge to give me money, you’re welcome to donate to my Ko-fi!