Hi, I’m a cosmic horror inhabiting the limp, noodly body of a UI designer!

I like to draw monsters, goofy creatures and animal people, play in a metal band and work on a doom metal and an industrial rock solo project.

This place is my personal hub and sandbox where I post my art, music and other shenanigans. Enjoy!

Recent Art


  • Tarot of Fear – A Collaborative Horror Tarot
    Check out the card artwork I did for the awesome Tarot of Fear project – a collaborative horror-themed tarot deck that benefits the Trevor Project, a non-profit organization focusing on suicide prevention for LGBTQ youth! Pre-orders are now open!
  • Carcinizer – The Day It Came from the Sky
    I just released the debut track of my new doom metal project Carcinizer! Mixed and mastered by Benjamin Eisenhofer of www.musik-produktion-bielefeld.de. Check it out!
  • 5 Great Indie Horror Games
    It’s hard to find a good horror game these days that’s not about being bored to death by zombies or tedious running and hiding, so here’s a list of some great indie horror games I’ve discovered over the past year!
  • New Ascendency Official Website
    After ten years of primarily being present on social media, we’re happy to announce the launch of our new official website – your hub for Ascendency news, music, videos, merch…